6 years ago
Da fuck's up
Hello my fellow Niggas and Niggettes.

I am here to do one thing and one thing only, partake in the sick ass ritual of producing smut based on characters from the interactive motion pictures.

Where shit was once previously situated upon the chain it will henceforth be removed from said chain starting from this moment in time.


Oh yeah put requests in here and I might draw them.


If I'm not being a lazy piece of shite.

6 years ago
Great, I'm gonna try and get the hang of this shit - seems fairly easy to moderate.

If need be, I'll appoint some mods, but shit's pretty 'coo right now.

remember to only upload your own artwork, or the work of someone you KNOW visits /v/.
thankfully it has this thread option, so we can come here to organize threads on /v/ as well, especially if they 404 early.
6 years ago
Hopefully we can go far with this. I'll try to contribute.

6 years ago
Definitely, it should be quite fun.
6 years ago
Gwynevere from Dark Souls.

How the fuck does the giant boob goddess get nearly no porn?
6 years ago
Well, this didn't last very long. I was looking forward to seeing other people's stuff.
6 years ago
I'm still here, just need to keep advertising it to people posting porn or drawing on /v/

Yes, I just suggested viral.

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