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The purpose of this imageboard is simple; a place to store the art of those who wish to partake in, improve their skills in, and display their artwork, for the enjoyment of others as well as to receive constructive criticisms in order to get better.

To verify: ALL art created by the denizens of /v/ is welcome here, from drawings of items, vehicles and people in vidya to porn, from the most tasteful nude pictures to the most utterly fucked up shitting-dick-nipples-esque horrors (which also includes, but is not expressly limited to pictures deemed as 'furry art', 'furry porn', 'furshit' or any other term for artistic creations of anthropomorphic creatures, concepts or inanimate objects, be the basis for which exist in reality or within the realms of ones imagination alone) it's ALL welcome, even the nonvidya stuff as long as it's YOURS and you've posted at least SOME vidya stuff / participated in the threads.

The rules for now, are as follows:
MAIN rules:
1) Above all, be open to constructive criticism -- if you're posting here, it's partly to learn from, and take on board advice from others - if you wanna be like Tim Buckley and burst into treats every time someone says your faces all look the same, then there are going to be a lot of treats here for everyone to have.

2) NO LOLI/LOLITA/SHOTA/SHOTACON, not my rule - it's the rule of the lovely folks at who are hosting this site - that means nothing that is CLEARLY a kid: Doesn't matter if their character profile says they're 6,000 years old - it's still a no-no. you're all smart folks, you can figure the yes' and the no's out yourself.

3) Do not post art that isn't yours unless it you KNOW it belongs to someone from /v/ -- if they want it taken down, it can be flagged for deletion.

MINOR rules:
4) NAME the artist if and whenever you can, it's good to know who is doing what.

5) Tag as aptly as you can - pedantic is often considered bad, but in this case it's very, very good - describe every aspect of the drawing you can in your tags.

6) Leave feedback if you think you can -- it's good to know what people think of your stuff, and better to know in what ways it can be improved.

and that's really all i can think of for now...
the subject for rules is, of course, open for discussion at all times, and feedback is always good.

Clarification: The rules of 4chan do not retroactively apply to this website.
This website is by no means an official extension of 4chan, nor is it owned, administrated or moderated by Moot and/or the moderators and administrators of 4chan or any of its subsidiary websites.

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